In 2010 the UK informed us that we will run out of landfill sites in approximately eight years. With 650 million cubic metres of capacity left in the ground – three times the volume of Lake Windermere – the UK will reach its limit by 2018.


Re-using just one sofa saves on disposal costs, saves a family on a strict budget approximately £300 per year, and reduces the impact on the environment by 50kg of CO2


The UK buries more than 18.8 million tonnes of household waste – two million tonnes more than any other EU country

In 2010 - It was announced that penalties will be imposed on local authorities to reduce waste to landfill (tips). These penalties will, in effect, be passed on to residents.

Although the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites  (tips) has fallen by a third since 2000, councils say more needs to be done to head off the threat of penalties.

In 2010 - Gary Porter, chairman of the Local Government Association's environment board, said: "Householders should be congratulated for the efforts they have made in recent years to increase the amount of rubbish they recycle. But that doesn't change the fact that Britain is fast running out of space to dump rubbish in the ground."

He added: "An area the size of Warwick is already being used to dump Britain's rubbish and unless there are radical changes in the way we produce and dispose of our waste it is estimated we will run out of landfill (tips) space in less than eight years time."