Below is a list (although not exhaustive of projects that focus on) 

* Environmental

* Disadvantaged children and adults

* Disability 

* Combating loneliness 

* Building stronger communities 

* Reducing poverty in the UK 

Unfortunately, we do not sponsor any projects outside of the UK at this present time.  

We give grants and sponsorship for .......... 

1. Environmental issues 

2. Children and young people under the age of 18 years and under experiencing disadvantage including illness, distress, abuse or neglect. 

3. Any kind of disability 

4. Behavioural or psychological difficulties 

5. Living in poverty 

We fund organisations working to combat the above. 

We DON'T give grants or sponsorship....... 

* For work with statutory bodies (such as local authorities) 

* To local government or NHS bodies 

* For projects that promote any form of religion 

* To fund trips abroad 

* For medical research 

* For pregnancy testing, advice or counselling on such 

* For bursaries, sponsored place, fees etc 

* To individuals 

* Help with budget shortfalls or debt repayment 

* Unspecified expenditure 

* For organisational overheads or running costs 


  All applications will only be considered in writing.  We usually make decisions within 6 months of the application.